What is Peccala?

Peccala makes investing in crypto a lot more approachable to people with no prior knowledge or little time.

Through an easy-to-use platform,  we allow anyone to invest in crypto – with as little as $200 – for medium to long-term growth. We use custom-built (and proven) algorithmic  trading technology to manage your investment for profit 24/7.

Your new passive income can be set up in minutes.

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We are on a mission to remove the complexity and learning-curve of investing in crypto, allowing anyone to get started faster, safer, and easier.

Why We Created Peccala

There’s a massive interest in crypto today. But still, only a select few are actually benefitting from that boom.

That’s because investing your  own money, no matter the size of your wallet, can seem daunting. Scary even. And, when it comes to money, “being interested” in crypto never seems to carry enough willpower for the risk and time that traditionally comes with making an investment.

People want to get started with crypto because they really believe in its impact. But that first step always looms large. We want to change that.  We want to simplify crypto investment by holding your hand through that first step – making any future risk more negligible, and the returns  larger.

We want to help people become part of the crypto revolution, with or without prior knowledge, so we can all make money together.

Our Team

We are a remote-first company. We’re 4 people working together across 3 different continents and with 5 different nationalities.

Our Advisors

Marina de Mattos

Marina de Mattos

Marketing and Customer Success Executive at
Former Lykke & Enzyme

Mark Hussey

Mark Hussey

Head of Blockchain, DLT and Token Businesses at PwC Advisory Switzerland

Our Investors

Christoph Klink

Partner at Antler VC

Alan Poensgen

Partner at Antler VC

Urs Keller 

Angel Investor

Cengiz Kurt

CEO of DEVCONT Beteiligungs GmbH

Fabian Strüngmann

Angel Investor at Sobremesa

Marco Alberti

Angel Investor at Sobremesa

James Bailey

Founder and Managing Partner at Velos Partners