Peccala's Automated Investing - Much more than just a Robo Advisor

October 21, 2022
4 min read

What are your current financial goals? Maybe it’s finally taking that trip around the world. Or buying a home, having a lavish wedding, or retiring early. Whatever your financial goals are, one of the best ways to invest is by using automated investing.

Automated investing uses computer algorithms to create tailor-made investment strategies or financial paths. It can offer several benefits, such as lower fees and a more hands-off investment approach. Automated investing tends to be accepted as the more beginner-friendly approach if you're just entering the investing world. 

Most automated investments, like quant funds, pool investot funds and employ different strategies across assets such as bonds, stocks, and currencies.

In general, quant funds aim to guarantee returns while avoiding excessive risks through thoughtful diversification of assets.

That’s along the lines of how Peccala operates.

Our computer algorithms automatically monitor and trade over 100 crypto assets every hour by assessing the likelihood of price fluctuations becoming trends.

This way, our users can exploit the volatility of crypto assets to their advantage, whilst mitigating some of the risks linked to sharp market movements.

Is Automated Investing a good idea?

Automated investing is becoming increasingly popular for rookie investors to access the financial markets. Compared to other investment options, it tends to be very low-cost and usually doesn’t require a big initial investment. It also offers strategies that are better suited to new and intermediate investors. In short, it’s a great way for non-High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) to dip their toes into the investing world without prior knowledge or research.

How Does Automated Investing Work? 

Automated investment consists of using computer algorithms to manage assets on behalf of a client aiming at providing returns. Typically, when you first sign up, you’ll get a questionnaire so that your acceptable risk level and financial goals are understood and can hopefully be met. There are plenty of factors that go into play as well, like your age, income, savings, and other assets you may have, such as a mortgage.

With Peccala, our custom-built trading engine manages your investment 24/7. That means you can start earning a passive income while you sleep.

To start investing, you simply need to create an account with Peccala and buy Peccala tokens, that’s it. 

These crypto tokens don’t have any intrinsic value and they’re not traded on any exchanges. Instead, they’re considered a representation of a user's share in a given investment pool, which is managed by our trading technology following a specific investment strategy (currently medium or high-risk).

Not Just a Robo-Advisor: What Makes Peccala Different? 

Even though cryptocurrencies have achieved mainstream recognition, managing investments in such a risky and fast-moving space remains extremely difficult for most retail investors.

We believe access to crypto investments and innovative blockchain technology shouldn’t be a privilege.

Peccala is changing the way investing in crypto is done. We offer a fully automated way to get exposure to the crypto revolution at a risk level everyone is comfortable with.

All within a simple product interface, so people can invest safely and simply in cryptocurrencies without needing to have any prior knowledge or having to monitor the market constantly.

Peccala is an automated cryptocurrency investing platform that offers a proprietary algorithmic trading engine technology that was built for digital assets. It actively trades crypto derivatives 24/7.

Peccala allows users to calibrate their investment to their risk tolerance by buying into one of our two strategies, each represented by its own Peccala token:

  • High-risk strategy: invests in crypto futures using our most risk-taking asset allocation strategies with up to 2x leverage.
  • Medium-risk strategy: invests in crypto futures with a more risk-averse asset allocation strategy, and using a no leverage.

Users who want to invest in a strategy buy the corresponding tokens at their current price.

When they want to withdraw their funds they redeem their tokens with us at their current price, and we send them USDT.

With Peccala, users can benefit from an attractive fee and withdrawal structure; pay on profit only, and have no lock-in period.

We do all the heavy lifting by managing our user’s investments on their behalf, so they can spend their precious time doing the things that matter most to them.


Robo-Advisor vs. Peccala:

Peccala offers its users more advantages over the best Robo Advisors. Here are the main ones:

  • We actively manage our users' investment 24/7 through our algorithmic trading technology, while robo-advisors typically simply follow a buy-and-hold approach.
  • Investing in Peccala is super tax efficient: since our users buy the Peccala tokens, whose value appreciates based on the performance of the trading algorithms. They don’t deal with any of the underlying trades and won’t e considered a professional trader by their local tax authority.
  • Our users do not have to constantly monitor the composition of their portfolios, nor do they need to have the expertise to make decisions about rebalancing it. Our proprietary algorithm is in charge of this.

Is Peccala’s Automated Investing Good for Beginners?

The short answer is: yes!

As we stated before, because it doesn’t require prior knowledge of the financial world or experience in investing, it’s one of the best ways to get started. It’s also a good option because:

  • Fewer transaction costs - Signing up and using Peccala is free. Only if there are profits you’ll start getting charged fees. These include a 20% performance fee on generated profit that’s typically charged after six months (the period for which we recommend holding tokens). A 0.5% redemption fee when you sell a Peccala Token. And, whenever funds need to be transferred, such as buying or selling a Token, you’ll pay a small blockchain gas fee. These are much cheaper costs and entrance fees than you’ll find with a mutual fund or a hedge fund, for example.
  • Avoid fear and greed-driven decisions - Imagine a scale of 1 to 10 only replace 1 with fear and 10 with greed, and the middle will be neutral. That’s the Fear and Greed Index. At the end of the day, we’re still human and emotional creatures. We can easily act upon our emotions, such as fear or greed, to decide when to buy or sell certain assets. By choosing automated investments, you can avoid panic selling and greed buying by letting our algorithms do all the work for you.

Does Peccala’s Trading Bot Outperform the Market?

Yes! We update our performance charts on an hourly basis to showcase that, time and time again, our users are making profits.

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