Peccala: Achieving Dreams with Cryptocurrency

July 8, 2022
4 min read

If you’re here, you may have heard of cryptocurrency already.

So why Peccala? What makes us different from other crypto projects?

We know that every company says they’re different, but we want to shake up the crypto space and how you think about cryptocurrency. No matter your income level, we want to help you achieve your dreams (as cheesy as it may sound). We’re here to put people first — and that starts with you.

How it All Began

Ask Aldo Mora Sanchez, co-founder of Peccala, about the company’s origin, and he’ll tell you it started back in 2017 — despite having no idea at the time.

As a scientist at heart, Aldo constantly researched and explored new ideas and challenged existing ones. For example, he began working on an article that uncovered statistical similarities between electric brain activity and financial market movements, as well as other seemingly unrelated data.

Aldo knew that both phenomena were driven in similar ways. One with simple agents in the form of neurons and the other by traders. Even if the brain and finance world don’t seem related, the two ultimately seek to optimize information transfer.

Thanks to these similarities, he could apply to financial markets methods that he developed for the study of brain signals. Moreover, he could challenge a belief firmly held by many in the quantitative finance community, that markets are not predictable. Short term market forecast is indeed at the core of Peccala’s tech, and we’ve been consistently proving it’s possible.

The next chapter in the story goes back to one of the most dreaded years in recent history, 2020. Aldo had planned a short vacation to Mexico to visit his family. That is until COVID-19 hit. What was meant to be a few weeks turned into a few months at his parent’s home. And, as any grown adult can attest, being an adult stuck in your parent’s house is one thing. Being stuck during a lockdown is possibly even worse unless you’re Aldo. He was already into cryptocurrency, having traded on his own and having friends interested in the space. Waking up at 4 am to check his portfolio and panic selling not only disrupted his mental health but also made him want to find a way to automate the buying and selling so he could focus on other things.

So, during five months of lockdown, he spent 10–12 hours a day working on algorithms that would not just do that, but also benefit from the insights he got from his previous research. And he succeeded. He knew he had something here but didn’t know where to go, and that’s when he came across Antler.

Partaking in a Global Early-Stage VC, Antler

He joined the first Berlin cohort of Antler, a global early-stage VC, in the spring of 2021. By that time, one of the other co-founders, JJ Jones, was already very interested in working with Aldo after discovering his new algorithms could automate trading. JJ knew that Aldo was on to something big.

Overall, the program lasted three months, and in that time, they also met the third and final co-founder, Laura Arcade. Laura only joined because their company vision was geared towards retail investors and would allow everyday people to reach some financial goals and improve their lives. Having previously worked in the crypto space, if the focus was on B2B, it would’ve been a deal-breaker for her.

In their cohort, they were ten teams that made it to the pitching round, and only six teams impressed the judges enough to receive funding. One of those successful pitches was Peccala. Despite having a viable product to showcase at that point, the co-founders convinced their close network of friends who had Binance accounts to run the trading engine on their accounts.

In just a short time, the testers could double or increase their profits by 50%, and this data was shown to the people at Antler. Since then, we’ve also created a viable product that has seen great user returns even in these volatile cryptocurrency fluctuations.

What Does Peccala Mean?

Like any new company, finding a name can be difficult, and this one was no different.

The original name was Git-B which stood for a ghost in the blockchain. But, because that’s precisely how our algorithms work, like an unknown presence that you can’t see but can make an impact with. It’s also a wink to anyone who watched ghost in the shell.

During the brainstorming phase, the co-founders considered various names, including money, finance, and cryptocurrency. You know, the usual.

Ultimately, they ended up in the realm of Gods and deities worldwide, and that’s when Aldo came across, Peccala, the Zapotecan God of dreams. It resonated with them because that’s exactly what they hope to achieve with their product. A world where everyday people, not just wealthy individuals or investment buffs, can get great returns on investments. Instead, they want to create a place where ordinary people can make money to invest in their dreams and make money while dreaming. Imagine gaining more financial freedom or having a passive income because you find an automation tool that works for you. And that, my friends, is what Peccala is and why we’d aim to make your dreams come true.

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