Introducing Peccala

April 25, 2022
4 min read

Our Mission

As we’ve seen over the past few years, crypto is a fast-growing asset class that offers a wide range of investors, an outstanding opportunity to trade on the open markets for profits. There are loads of people who want to invest in crypto, but unfortunately, few know where to start.

Like other financial markets, the crypto market comes with increased risk and complexity. There are thousands of coins and tokens offered which are too numerous and complex for the average investor to keep track of. Even the most experienced traders could not have predicted the hype behind Dogecoin and Shiba Inu and their rapid climb to the top of the crypto markets.

So, while some more experienced traders profit from market speculation, it can be extremely difficult for the average investor to navigate and keep up with market trends and tools that are always changing.

We’ve been there ourselves, and we know the struggle.

As we dove deeper into crypto trading, we’ve made many mistakes and learned from them, which is why we’re passionate about paving an easier way forward for others to get into the crypto space.

Our co-founder Aldo became obsessed with trying to build something that could consistently beat the market. Over the past four years, he has been developing and testing what started as a passion project to solve this exact issue, which is now the Peccala trading engine and has been managing real money for a year. With this technology and a shared purpose, we came together at Peccala to make crypto & algorithmic trading more accessible because we see crypto as an equalizer and a great way for anyone to achieve financial freedom.

What is Peccala?

Peccala is one of the world’s first automated crypto investing platforms.

Peccala’s proprietary trading algorithms manage your money 24/7 so that you can be completely hands-off. Our trading engine brings together unique insights from the areas of complexity science, physics, and data science.

It is built to be effective in multiple market conditions.

Simply put, there are two primary layers used to form a robust trading strategy, the forecasting layer and a secondary layer composed of hundreds of trading bots.

  • The forecasting layer analyzes coin prices and the probability of existing trends to be amplified, then passes this information on to the trading bots.
  • The bots, each with its unique approach, then use the information to execute trades.

Peccala’s trading engine essentially replaces an entire floor of traders. This trading engine is put to work on different types of investment strategies, representing a range of risk profiles. Our High Risk strategy has outperformed the “buy and hold” strategy for the top cryptocurrencies over the past year while managing real money.

These high returns are made possible by the fact that our trading engine is active in futures markets, allowing the possibility to profit whether any given crypto asset (like Bitcoin or Ethereum) is rising or falling in price.

How Does Peccala Work?

Participation with Peccala is as simple as holding Peccala Tokens, which are a representation of your investment into Peccala’s trading strategy on our platform.

When you buy Peccala Tokens, we take the funds raised through the purchase and invest them in our trading wallets which are controlled by our Trading Engine.

Customers can simply buy Peccala Tokens with different risk profiles based on their personal risk tolerance (Medium or High), hold, and redeem them at any time. Upon redemption of Peccala tokens, customers will receive the value of their current portfolio in stablecoins, minus a 0.5% redemption fee.

Keep in mind that Peccala only takes a 20% performance fee on the profit it makes for our customers. So if for any reason there isn’t a profit, you will not be charged a performance fee.

Public Beta Launch

After extensive back-testing of our trading engine and over a year of achieving great results with real money, Peccala is excited to announce the launch of our Public Beta program! Currently, we have more than 500 customers and $3.2 million in Assets Under Management (AUM).

You can join us signing up and be among those who are growing their crypto investments with Peccala!

No more late nights trying to keep up with crypto market trends and technical analysis, only to be outperformed by more experienced traders and algorithmic trading programs!

About Us

Peccala was founded in 2021 by three co-founders with a combined 20 years of crypto trading experience: Aldo, JJ, and Laura. We’ve received investments from Antler, an early-stage venture capital fund in Berlin, and five forward-ooking angel investors based in Germany and the US, who believe in our ambition to make crypto investing easier and more accessible for everyone.