How Peccala's Automated Investing allows you to invest in your dreams

December 30, 2022
3 min

We live in an age where intelligent machines have an increasingly significant impact on our lives.

Sometimes it's crazy. Some automated processes are, on reflection, totally pointless.

However, excluding human intervention can be a success factor in certain areas:

  • Think of data collection and analysis, sometimes too extensive for a human brain to operate effectively.
  • Think of the calculus of probability: a discipline where our prejudices and background (or lack thereof) can be limiting.

Perhaps there are some fields where the machines should do it themselves.

That's the bet of Peccala's founders. Aldo, JJ, and Laura envisioned the Peccala trading engine as a tool for everyone to achieve financial freedom, regardless of financial literacy, income, and goals.

Peccala founders JJ, Laura and Aldo
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Automated investments pave the way for Financial Freedom

Automated investing uses computer algorithms to buy and sell financial instruments like stocks, bonds, crypto, etc., without human intervention. It's disrupting the financial advisory field as it boasts state-of-the-art technology at a fraction of the price, when compared to fees from brokerages and financial advisors. 

You no longer need huge sums to get your foot in the door with the big boys. Automated investing levels the playing field so ordinary people like us can share in market returns previously only available to large, corporate investors.

We are facing a period when the inflation rate outpaces the average salary, when an economic recessions looms over the markets, and lagging financial education remains the norm. 

When it comes to financial freedom, the odds are stacked against us.

Alternatively, although many crypto projects promise to make investments accessible to anyone, the market is still immature. Highly volatile price moves like a seesaw in a matter of seconds and crypto projects go bust in months. This volatility and uncertainty make crypto unfriendly to anyone who wants to park their savings somewhere to grow. 

This is what Peccala aims to abolish. Peccala's proprietary trading engine simplifies crypto investing. Our AI technology sifts through millions of data points 24/7, identifying trend opportunities to invest in, so you don't have to. 

How does Peccala's automated investing enhance your financial strategy?

1. Low entry barriers. 

Peccala is income agnostic. We believe financial literacy and investing are for everyone. No more required starting capital going up to thousands of dollars! 

At Peccala, you can start with as little as $200 and invest in a fund whose strategy fits for your risk appetite. 

If you like going big, let the High-Risk Strategy (PECH) work its algorithms for you.

Our annualized return on investment since January 2021 is a jaw-dropping 50.24x! You didn’t read that wrong - we grew initial investments 50-fold. It’s difficult to find regular investment firms that could give you the same results.

For context, market indexes like the S&P 500 even only average around 10% returns. 

On the other hand, the Medium Risk Strategy (PECM) is available for less aggressive investors who want to share in the rewards of crypto without the wild price swings. Since January of this year, our Medium Risk Strategy achieved growth rates of 4.92x.

2. Lower fees. 

In addition to Peccala performing better than many asset classes, the lack of human trader involvement means that you don’t have to pay transaction fees whenever we make a trade.

You don't own any derivatives that Peccala trades. Thus, you don't shoulder the fees of those transactions. 

The only fees you pay are our performance fee and redemption fees.

A 0.5% redemption fee is applicable upon selling tokens. In comparison, most management funds have a 2% fee on the assets invested, charged yearly.

Peccala takes a 20% performance fee from generated income. That may seem like a lot but note how this fee only applies to your profits. If you don't make money, Peccala doesn't make money. It's a performance-based structure to make sure that everyone comes out a winner. 

Your success is what matters at Peccala. 

3. Time to focus on yourself. 

Once you've chosen a strategy, Peccala takes care of the rest. No more late nights glued to your screen, monitoring the crypto markets. No more constant checking of news updates or finance blogs. 

Sit back and watch the power of automated investing.

Peccala values your time. 

4. Learning how the market works (while earning).

Peccala's trading engine may do the investment analysis for you, but that doesn't mean you can't hone your financial skills! Peccala provides articles and blogs where you can learn about the financial markets and crypto trading. 

Increase your investment acumen to better understand the principles that our trading engine employs.

5. Avoid emotional trading. 

If only human were solely driven by facts and logic.

Sadly, we aren’t.

We're emotional beings, after all. We're prone to biases and emotional responses that cloud our judgment, especially when it comes to important products like money.

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By relying solely on hard data and objective truths ,Peccala's automated investing steers clear of human misjudgments. With this, Peccala has more advantage in executing plays that comprehensively capture the market - a far different strategy from capitulating to rumors, speculations, and investor mood swings. Even if the trading engine does make a miscalculation, its lightning-speed recalibration formulas correct its course and set it up for success in the long haul. 

Automated investing is the future.

It acts as a passive investment tool from the investor's point of view while utilizing active investment principles as the trading engine regularly analyzes the market to find favorable trading positions.

Don't you want the best of worlds? Sign up and join Peccala today!