How to add and confirm a new withdrawal wallet

How to add and confirm a new withdrawal wallet

To protect your funds, you can only withdraw USDT to nominated (whitelisted) wallets. 

This means that to withdraw USDT from your Peccala account, you first need to add a withdrawal wallet. Doing this also allows USDT to be sent directly to an external wallet when you redeem (sell) your Peccala Tokens, rather than first having them deposited in your Pecccala account.

  1. From your dashboard, click Settings in the left hand bar, and then the Wallets tab

  1. Click the Add Wallet button and the Add a wallet popup will appear

  1. Choose the Network your external wallet address is linked to. We can currently process USDT withdrawals on BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, Tron and Ethereum. Nb. Gas fees vary per chosen blockchain, with Ethereum usually being the most expensive network.

  1. Give your withdrawal wallet address a label, and copy in the address. Click Next.

  1. You will receive a confirmation code by email - check your inbox and enter the code. Click Verify.

  1. All done! Your new wallet is shown in the list, and you can now choose it from the dropdown list when withdrawing USDT from your Peccala account, or redeeming Tokens.