How to redeem my investment (sell Peccala Tokens)?

How to redeem (sell) my Peccala Tokens

  1. Click Buy/Sell at the top of your dashboard
  1. Under the Sell tab, choose which token you want to sell, and how many. You can see the approximate USDT value before you sell.

Select which Token you want to sell, and how much

  1. On the next screen will be shown a preview of the order, including the number of tokens you’re selling, the fees, and the approximate amount you will receive in USDT to your Peccala account. 

Click Sell Now to continue.

Click sell now, and wait a few seconds for the transaction to complete

  1. Nice, your token sale is confirmed! You can check the transaction status in your dashboard, and USDT will be deposited into your Peccala account usually within 1 hour. We’ll let you know by email the funds have been transferred👌

From your Peccala account you can then withdraw the USDT to a nominated external wallet such as your Binance or other USDT BEP20 capable wallet. 

For info on how to whitelist a withdrawal wallet, see our guide How to add and confirm a new withdrawal wallet.

For info on how to withdraw USDT from your Peccala account to your external wallet, see How to withdraw USDT from my Peccala account. High net worth and institutional investors can also withdraw USDT to any exchange using other chains. Please ask your account manager for more information.