How to deposit USDT to your Peccala Account

How to deposit USDT to your Peccala Account

To invest in Peccala tokens you will first need USDT in your Peccala account.

At the moment we can only accept deposits of USDT on the BNB (Binance) Smart Chain (BSC BEP20), Polygon (MATIC), and Ethereum (ERC20). 

This means you’ll need to send USDT from an exchange that is connected to one of these chains.

For this guide we have used the desktop version of Binance. The steps to send money via other exchanges may be different. If you need help, reach out to


Getting your Binance account open, and buying USDT

  1. If you do not already have a crypto exchange account, we suggest opening an account at, and undergo their verification process. 

For more information on how to do this, check out the Binance Beginners Guide


  1. Add USDT to your exchange account. You can do this by buying USDT directly using a debit or credit card, or by depositing fiat currency by bank transfer and buying USDT using that money.

For more information on buying USDT, check out Binance’s guide on How to Buy Cryptocurrency.

  1. Once you have USDT in your exchange wallet, you’re ready to send it to your Peccala account. 

Sending USDT from your exchange account to Peccala

  1. Open your Exchange account and find the Withdraw function. In Binance, this means Wallet > Withdraw Crypto.

  1. You’ll see the withdrawal page. Choose USDT as the coin. Example below from Binance:

  1. Now you need your Peccala deposit address, open your Peccala dashboard in a separate tab, and click on Deposit. Here you can choose your blockchain, and see your unique Peccala deposit address. Note: The wallet creation may incur a fee, particularly if you choose to deposit on Ethereum (ERC-20). We recommend using Polygon or BNB Smart Chain where available, as the network fees are much lower.

  1. Once you've chosen your chain, copy your Peccala deposit address and paste it into the Binance Address field.

Then under Network choose the relevant network. Make doubly sure that you have chosen the same network as your Peccala deposit address! If you send USDT using the wrong network your deposit will be lost.

If using the BSC on Binance, you may be asked to click a box confirming that you want to use the BSC, or to answer a short set of questions about what happens if you send BSC tokens to a non-BSC address.

  1. After you’ve picked the correct network, enter the amount of USDT that you want to send to Peccala, then click Withdraw.

  1. After you have sent the money, sit back and relax - your USDT should arrive in your Peccala account within 20 minutes😎 

As soon as your deposit arrives, you’ll be able to see the funds in your Peccala account and start investing in Peccala. 

For guidance on how to buy Peccala Tokens, check out our guide How to start investing (buying Peccala Tokens).