How to start investing (buying Peccala Tokens)?

How to start investing (buying Peccala Tokens)

  1. Ensure you have USDT in your Peccala account. If you haven’t done that yet, check out our guide on “How to deposit USDT to you Peccala account”.


  1. Click Buy/Sell at the top of your dashboard


  1. Under the Buy tab on the right hand part of the page, you can choose how many USDT you want to invest, and in which Token (chosen in the drop down box). 

After you enter an amount to invest, you will see how many Tokens you will receive for the amount invested at the current price. Click Buy.

  1. You will see the details of your transaction, including fees. Hover over the question mark tooltip for a breakdown of the fees.

Ensure you have read and understood the relevant Token Purchase Agreement for the Token you are buying, which is shared on the page and will open in a popup. Once you’ve done so, check the box to confirm you agree.

Click Buy Now








  1. Your purchase will now be processed.This can take up to 45 seconds, so please sit tight and don’t refresh the page.


  1. Once the purchase is complete you’ll see a confirmation, and your Tokens will be in your Peccala Wallet. Nice!

And if you also want to invest in a one of our other Peccala Tokens, simply repeat these steps 👌